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The Rice and Beans Doctors Team

We are two doctors Dr. Nelson Medina and Dr. Yared Vazquez that will be talking about health, lifestyle and everyday life topics. By applying our knowledge in medicine we will help Describing Medicine as simple as making Rice And Beans. We have been interviewed on different Media outlets like Wapa TV, El Nuevo Dia, Revista Vida and news Sites in Puerto Rico and Florida.

Dr. Nelson Medina  MD

Dr. Medina is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary medicine and Critical care Medicine.  He has special interests in General Pulmonary Medicine, COPD and Asthma.

Dr. Yared Vazquez MD

Born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States ti help migrant community here with their health problems.  I chose to persue a career in medicine because it has always been my calling ti help people since I was a child.  A good day at work for me is when all of my patients are happy and healthy.  My goal is going beyond the standard care and provide extraordinary healthcare that has a real impact on the health of our community.

In my free time, I enjoy making videos about health care for my Youtube channel.

Amarilis Cintrón-López  M.A.

Professor, historian, writer, researcher and lecturer on topics that revolve around educational reform in the 1990s. He holds a Master's Degree in History from the University of Puerto Rico and studies leading to a doctoral degree in the Graduate History Program. His Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Secondary Education in History was completed at the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey.


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